·         Two-Row, 17” diameter rotor

·         Stainless steel construction

·         150HP (112kW) 3-phase motor

·         Skid mounted

·         Stainless steel control panel with AB 150HP variable frequency drive and ABB loop controller

·         Designed to process egg products or beer:

o   Egg Products: Up to 38,000 lb/hr (17,000 kg/hr) with DT of up to 18°F (10°C)

o   Beer/Wort: Up to 285 BBL/hr (227 hl/hr)

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SPX Shear Pump SP4

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17x2 ApoWave Cavitation System



Low cost alternative to egg homogenizing egg products. It can also be used to texturize to give a smooth body and texture to such products as ricotta cheese and food pastes. Emulsifies to make stable emulsions of products with both oil and water based ingredients; blends to provide continuous, on-line blending without air incorporation or lumps of dry product; reconstitutes to assist re-hydration of powdered products such as egg powders; suspends/disperses to give stable solids in liquid suspension; polishes to improve the appearance of products by providing a smoother and more uniform surface texture. Can also be used to grind corn in mashes for fermentation and distillation.

  • Three-section plate heat exchanger
  • Designed to cool down the egg products from a 400 cases per hour egg breaker
  • Thermaline EZ hydraulic frame

·         Seymour 104C Egg Breaker/Separator

o   Hydraulic drive with speed control lever

o   Whites inspection tray

o   UV-based yolk scanner

o   Cup wash system

·         6-Row Wash-down Candler

·         BRD Egg Washer

·         Loading System

·         Extensive spare parts package



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Egg processing equipment 

Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger


100 Cases per hour Egg Breaking System

used equipment

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