favlored spirits-extraction and mixing

Shockwaves produced by the system push deep into particles of ingredients such as juniper, cinnamon, vanilla, pepper and many others for instant extraction and mixing, reducing not only the amounts needed, but the times required to steep these ingredients flavored in spirits such as Gin, Rum, Vodka and Moonshine.



As the mash is circulated through the system, the corn, malt, wheat and/or rye particles are exposed to intense shockwaves that drive the water and enzymes deep into the grain. Extensive research has shown an increse in pure alcohol yield of 1% to 2%.

During the past several years of intensive research, Hydro Dynamics has studied the production of shock waves for the purpose of transforming fluids. The SPR represents a paradigm shift for industry and is truly a next generation technology. Read more in our publications.

SPR unit

accelerated aging - extraction

As a combination of spirits and toasted/charred wood chips (American/French Oak, Maple, Applewood etc.) are circulated through the system, it forces the distilled spirit into chips for extraction of flavor and color compounds. Once extracted, the intense shockwaves accelerate the esterification process to provide distilled spirits with complex aromas and flavors associated with lengthy aging times in barrels, without sharing your product with angels.


Cavitation is the sudden formation and collapse of vapor bubbles (or cavities) in a liquid due to pressure fluctuations. As the bubble collapses it sends intense pressure fluctuations, or shockwaves, to the surrounding liquid.

The Apowave© System incorporates the Shockwave Power Reactor (SPR) from Hydro Dynamics and harnesses this technology to apply energy to beer or distilled spirits for extraction and mixing:

•Increased yield of fermentable sugars during mashing
•Accelerated aging of distilled spirits
•Improved utilization of flavoring compounds for distilled spirits