With more than 50 years of combined experience in HTST (Flash) and ESL pasteurization the ApoWave Flash Pasteurization System incorporates the latest technology and the highest sanitary standards on a new pasteurization system for beer.

ApoWave Flash Pasteurization systems have adjustable pasteurization temperature and time to cover a wide array of beers and pasteurization requirements: From a gentle heat treatment to reduce micro load to complete pasteurization. Standard features include:

  • Adjustable back-pressure valve for pasteurization of beers with different levels of carbonation.
  • Build using high-quality equipment that meets and displays the 3-A sanitary standards.
  • High-capacity sanitary centrifugal booster pump and rotary positive displacement timing pump to achieve the required pressures without stressing the beer.
  • Self-cleaning pasteurization system with integrated Clean In Place (CIP).
  • Electrical heating option for small systems.
  • Pre-assembled and tested for quick and easy installation.
  • Capacities from 5gpm (10 bbl/hr).
  • Ideal for pasteurization of sweet fruit beers, beers that require longer shelf life or for reducing yeast levels for beers to be aged in barrels.

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dry hops - extraction

Tests on commercial breweries have shown that by circulating beer and aroma hops through the system, a 50% reduction in aroma hops can be achieved while maintaining the aroma profile of the beer.

bittering hops - extraction

For decades, the low yield levels from extraction and isomerization of alpha acids from hops, has remained a mystery. Extensive research by Apotek Solutions in alpha acid utilization has lead to a higher recovery of alpha acids. this is accomplished by a combination newly developed alpha acid calculation formula and by preventing the encapsulation of AA particles in wort using the Apowave©

 Seital Separation Technology

 SPX FLOW hermetic clarifiers remove residual yeast and other non-soluble solids quickly and efficiently. Thanks to low oxygen pick up, clarification does not impact the flavor and aroma of the beer.

Optimization of design standards, durable construction and strict quality control procedures ensure our customers receive the beer clarifier that is best suited for their specific applications.

The natural sedimentation of the liquid is accelerated by the centrifugal clarifier allowing for a faster brewing process. Traditional settling process time is reduced allowing your production to be more flexible and ready for the market. We offer a wide range of capacities, from 25 to 700+ hectoliters per hour of green beer.

 APOWAVE© cavitation technology

Cavitation is the sudden formation and collapse of vapor bubbles (or cavities) in a liquid due to pressure fluctuations. As the bubble collapses it sends intense pressure fluctuations, or shockwaves, to the surrounding liquid.

The Apowave© System incorporates the Shockwave Power Reactor (SPR) from Hydro Dynamics and harnesses this technology to apply energy to beer or distilled spirits for extraction and, mixing:

  • Increased yield of fermentable sugars during mashing.
  • Accelerated aging of distilled spirits.
  • Improved utilization of flavoring compounds for beer
  • Improved bittering hop utilization.
  • Improved hop and flavoring compound utilization.
  • Up to 50% to 90% less bittering hops and 30% to 50% less aroma hops.
  • Increased yield of fermentable sugars during mashing.

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extraction - mashing

As the mash is circulated through the system, the malt particles are exposed to intense shockwaves that drive the water and enzymes deep into the grain. Extensive research has shown an increase in pure alcohol yield of 1% to 2%.